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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a profession that combines three major disciplines: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

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There is one death every 23 minutes by the misuse of drugs

Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, clonazepam and viagra are at the top of the Argentinian drug substances used in an absolutely uncontrolled, causing a real medical problem. 

thatA report by the Argentine Union of Pharmacists and Biochemists (SAFY) reports 8 out of 10 Argentines self medicate and 50 percent of the population taking medications incorrectly, resulting in over 60 deaths per day.An estimated one hundred and sixty-two thousand people needed also interned as a derivation of the problem, while half of the population ingests the drugs incorrectly.
 Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, clonazepam and viagra are at the top of the Argentinian drug substances used in an absolutely uncontrolled, causing a real medical problem. An estimated 22,700 people died in 2012, at an average of one case every 23 minutes due to the misuse or abuse of drugs, while admissions for the same reason were 162,000.  Marcelo Peretta, director of labor, expressed in dialogue with People's Daily that "it is a problem with cultural roots in the population, which tends to worsen over the misuse or abuse of various drugs, not only to those who get under-counter, but also prescription pharmacy products that are misused, leading to serious health problems. "  He further commented that "there are very few campaigns around consumer education of drugs, and thereby prevent the possible serious consequences and, to be responsible in the intake, adjusting to specific recommendations of physicians or pharmacists."  About hospitalizations arising from the misuse of drugs, Peretta said "to hospitals and care centers patients with liver problems arrive, gastric and cardiac, which represent a high cost to the state or social work at the same time cause deterioration in the health of the people involved, and could be absolutely prevented ".  "We have more than 60 deaths per day in Argentina by problems with drugs, either by taking the wrong drug or for not taking the necessary. Need to warn people that every symptom of distress requires the intervention of a medical professional. At the same time, one must ask what effects, how to take, when to begin the effects, how long it should take, what side effects occur, what to do if you miss a dose and how to keep it, "he said. 

Morbidity in the study further explains that about 50% of events linked to death called "polypharmacy", when a person takes six drugs simultaneously or more. This usually affects people over 65 years. "The patients must take drugs that inhibit or counteract the action of another, prescribed by different doctors that do not connect," said Peretta. 

"The biggest problem is with the counter medications, and antibiotics, eye drops and psychotropic drugs."  Then the remaining 20% ​​of the deaths were related "to bad prescription or mismanagement of patients," noting that "there are plenty of cases in patients taking the drug on an empty stomach, or after drinking alcohol." 

According to the report, the drug Ibuprofen is undoubtedly fashionable and is already being sold in blister of 800 milligrams.  Started shipping in format 200 milligrams, then moved to 400 milligrams and 600 milligrams lately, "it suggests that the dose rises because it is not effective, that is not relieved, because the body gets used and requires some stronger, "Peretta said, adding that" the side effect is linked to heart problems and diabetics very serious, which in its extreme cases may require a kidney transplant. "  Argentines become prescribers. Parents, friends, coworkers, neighbors, any medical and pharmaceutical leaves in the background. 50 years ago this did not happen, was mutating citizen behavior regarding medication. Nobody He could think of ingesting a prescription medicine professionals, but it is now common, "said Marcelo Peretta.  About the most requested by the public, the specialist named "clonazepam, used to calm nerves, Viagra for sexual relations, added to ibuprofen, aspirin and paracetamol". 

He said that "these products are lent, they invite, inconsistent arguments, such that the ailment is similar, but the truth is that the operation hides serious health risks." 

"For years we have been suggesting that the state should strengthen campaigns responsible use of medicines. In the U.S., the health portfolio has an office specializing in that aspect, low online to the public to take precautions in the use" said.

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Our chemical development and manufacturing specialties include our Green Chemistry Toolbox for biocatalysis, homogenous catalysis and micro reactor technology with an integrated approach of chemistry and biotechnology.

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The pharmacy profession, exercised with the title Chemical - Pharmaceutical, is oriented toward science, technology and use of medicines in order to meet the needs of the population in this important aspect of health. Career Opportunities: These professionals can exercise independently, installing its own pharmacy or pharmaceutical laboratory.