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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a profession that combines three major disciplines: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

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LONDON (Reuters)
The new strain of bird flu that killed 36 people in China has shown.   More

There is one death every 23 minutes by the misuse of drugs   More

Access to Medicines, a good Promise that every day affect millions of people worldwide  More

The strength of the new flu drug of concern

LONDON (Reuters) - The new strain of bird flu that killed 36 people in China has shown for the first time Tamiflu resistance, which the scientists described as "worrying". 

In one patient, the gene mutation responsible for the resistance seems to have emerged after the infection took hold, probably as a result of treatment with Tamiflu, raising concerns that resistance may occur as a result of drug treatment.  "This apparent ease with which antiviral resistance arises in the A/H7N9 virus is worrisome, should be closely monitored and evaluated response plans for future pandemics," the researchers said in an article published Tuesday in the medical journal The Lancet. In most of the 14 patients analyzed, Tamiflu successfully reduced the amount of virus found in throat swabs and helped accelerate clinical recovery. But it had no impact on the amount of virus detected in samples from three patients who became seriously ill. 

A spokeswoman for the Swiss drugmaker Roche said Tamiflu resistance rates remained low worldwide, but added that the company took the problem of resistance "very seriously" and was working with health authorities to monitor the situation.  The H7N9 virus has infected 131 people in China since February, but there have been no new cases since early May, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Experts from the United Nations agency said last week that the outbreak of bird flu in China had caused losses 6,500 million dollars to the economy. 

Scientific studies have established that virus to transmit it people birds, probably mostly chickens. 

But experts have not yet identified the source of the circulating virus-the "reserve" - ​​that is taking the chickens to enter and pass strain sporadically people. 

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Our chemical development and manufacturing specialties include our Green Chemistry Toolbox for biocatalysis, homogenous catalysis and micro reactor technology with an integrated approach of chemistry and biotechnology.

Chemistry and Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession, exercised with the title Chemical - Pharmaceutical, is oriented toward science, technology and use of medicines in order to meet the needs of the population in this important aspect of health. Career Opportunities: These professionals can exercise independently, installing its own pharmacy or pharmaceutical laboratory.