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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a profession that combines three major disciplines: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

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Dear Colleagues Primary Care Pharmacists. I am pleased to greet you and to send this invitation to participate in preliminary 1 Pharmaceutical Services Conference organized by PHC Municipal Health Directorate.

This 1st. Event will be held in the city of Chillan on Friday June 21 at the Center Spanish on one side of our Cathedral. This time we want to bring pharmacists around the country who work in APS in order to show pharmaceutical services policy implemented by the Directorate of Health in Chillán and from this experience shape the Chapter of Primary Care Pharmacists low the protection of the Chilean Society of Healthcare Pharmacy. 

This chapter will aim to gather and summon all the QFs of APS to achieve representation in decision-making, generate strategies for posesionar Qf the role of the APS and define work areas and implement policies in different areas among other activities. 

The June 21 will have the participation of Pharmaceutical Chemistry College who will give us his vision of developing this area and also be with us the president of the Chilean Society of Pharmacy Healthcare (SCHFA) ​​Qf Andres Rodriguez, who acted as moderator in shaping the chapter. 

Over the next week we will send you the registration form (quotas for 80 participants), and formally came via its health departments invitation to participate in this event. 

Pharma Chemicals

Research & Development

Our chemical development and manufacturing specialties include our Green Chemistry Toolbox for biocatalysis, homogenous catalysis and micro reactor technology with an integrated approach of chemistry and biotechnology.

Chemistry and Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession, exercised with the title Chemical - Pharmaceutical, is oriented toward science, technology and use of medicines in order to meet the needs of the population in this important aspect of health. Career Opportunities: These professionals can exercise independently, installing its own pharmacy or pharmaceutical laboratory.